Fairfax Flouts Law, Adopts Dodgy Deal with Fellow Scofflaws

At 1am today, long after the public had left the council chambers and long after those who watch such things on public access cable television had dozed off, Fairfax City Council members approved the dodgy deal with Redflex. Five remained in the audience until the end to point out:

  1. Fairfax cameras increased accidents
  2. The contract is illegal on revenue neutrality and diversion of cash from the literary fund grounds
  3. The city is ignoring superior engineering countermeasures
  4. The tickets are unenforceable
  5. The tickets undermine constitutional protections and privacy

After being threatened with a pair of lawsuits on point #2 above, the council retreated to an hour-long private deliberation away from the public to “consult with the city attorney.” In a cowardly move, members returned for a quick vote that was unanimous in favor of the illegal deal with the lawbreaking Australian company. (Redflex has been fined for violating FCC regulations governing radar and for falsifying documents used in securing speed camera convictions.) No response was offered to the detailed concerns brought by members of the public over the proposal.

There’s still more to do. The Virginia Department of Transportation must approve any proposed camera intersections on engineering grounds, and the council can reconsider its actions at any time. That’s not going to happen unless we let residents know this scam is going on so that they can put pressure on council members:

  • Mayor Robert F. Lederer: RLederer@fairfaxva.gov
  • Joan W. Cross: JCross@fairfaxva.gov
  • Daniel F. Drummond: DDrummond@fairfaxva.gov
  • Jeffrey C. Greenfield: JGreenfield@fairfaxva.gov
  • David L. Meyer: dmeyer@fairfaxva.gov
  • Gary J. Rasmussen: GRasmussen@fairfaxva.gov
  • Steven C. Stombres: SStombres@fairfaxva.gov

Literature drops to get the word out in the community would help. Here’s a flyer to pass out. (PDF)


4 Responses to Fairfax Flouts Law, Adopts Dodgy Deal with Fellow Scofflaws

  1. bryanault says:

    Thanks for fighting the good fight against these traffic laws. I jut posted about this on my blog at http://bryanault.wordpress.com/. Keep up the good work!

  2. […] Church is following in the footsteps of Fairfax City which earlier this year held city council deliberations on red light cameras in secret before announcing their decision to an open meeting — at 1 a.m., long after the public had […]

  3. Mikel says:

    Digging this site,Just signed up for your rss feed. Looks like a cool place to hangout! Like Cool Gadgets check this out!

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    Fairfax Flouts Law, Adopts Dodgy Deal with Fellow Scofflaws | CameraFRAUD D.C. Virginia Maryland – The Cameras are Coming Down

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