Virginia House Punts Sneaky VDOT Oversight Bill

On Thursday the Virginia House Transportation Committee by a 12-10 vote tabled H.B. 2416, the sneaky attempt by Virginia Beach fraud merchants to eliminate the Virginia Department of Transportation’s ability to stop cities from installing red light cameras in locations where engineering studies do not support their use. In other words the idea is: Virginia Beach and Fairfax want their money now, there’s no time for engineering or safety.

What does “tabled” mean? It means the committee looked at the bill and shoved it in the drawer. In the normal process, the bill is dead as far as the committee is concerned, although it is possible to introduce a motion “To take H.B. 2416 from the table” and pass it. In a part-time legislature, that doesn’t happen. The bigger danger is that this three-word provision gets inserted in the dead of night into a “must pass” piece of legislation like the budget. That’s the way these scam artists do business.

Here’s the vote count. YEA is a vote to dump the bill, but take note that many of those who voted correctly on this are scamera supporters (bold). All of the NAY votes are scamera supporters.

YEAS–May, Oder, Saxman, Carrico, Cosgrove, Gear, Rust, Hugo, Scott, E.T., Fralin, Loupassi, Knight–12.

NAYS–Tata, Ward, Ebbin, BaCote, Marsden, Valentine, Brink, Toscano, Nichols, McQuinn–10.


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