Leesburg Drools Over Speed Cameras, Front Royal Over Red

The lure of a quick fix to massive budget deficits is difficult to resist. Just outsource your law enforcement to Australia and accidents will magically go down. Money will pour into the coffers. But wait, there’s more. ACT NOW! and you’ll be popular and re-elected by landslide margins. The only way you can lose is by not calling our 1-800 number. Operators are standing by.

Leesburg, Virginia called that number. It wants speed cameras. Leesburg Today:

Members of Leesburg Town Council and town staff headed south yesterday to lobby legislators and bring the town’s priorities to the forefront of the minds of their General Assembly representatives. The council had already met with some of the legislators to lay out its priorities for 2009, including… legislative authority to install speed cameras in the town

Front Royal, Virginia called that number. It wants red light cameras. So the Warren County Board of Supervisors conned the sheriff into bringing up their revenue fix in an open meeting as if it were a “public safety matter” — never mind that cameras increase accidents. You can see how thrilled Warren County Sheriff Daniel T. McEathron was to be the board’s stooge. Northern Virginia Daily:

“I’m not saying that the sheriff’s office is a proponent of it, or an opponent of it. I think it’s something that the county needs to look at when it comes to intersection safety,” McEathron said.

Fairfax County's $130 million Monument to Self-Love

Fairfax County government's $130 million Monument to Self-Love

It’s a sign of the bleak budgetary times that the more rural areas are starting to buy into the pitch just as much as the urban areas of Northern Virginia and Virginia Beach which have long abandoned any notion of fiscal discipline — just take one look at the Fairfax County Government Center, pictured above. That’s why it’s important not to sit back and do nothing. Keeping cameras out of Virginia requires action.

So take action. Now. Contact us and let us know you’d like to help.


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