VDOT Approves Deadly Red Light Cameras in Arlington

vdotlogoInstead of holding a secret, midnight meeting on whether to install red light cameras, Arlington appears to have dispensed entirely with the pretense of public comment. A search of meeting agendas and minutes for Arlington County returned no mention of photo enforcement — but it’s coming back anyway. No wonder the county board members don’t want the public to know about their scheme — the last time cameras were installed in Arlington the following happened:

  1. Rear end accidents increased +139%
  2. Angle accidents increased +53%
  3. Injury accidents increased +89%
  4. The total number of accidents increased

(Numbers from VDOT’s 2007 study)

Obviously, neither Arlington County nor the Virginia Department of Transportation care one bit about your safety. It’s all about the money. After WTOP mentioned that Arlington had secured VDOT’s approval, we checked VDOT’s website which confirmed that the approval has been made. Here are the locations of what are likely to be the very first reactivated scameras in Virginia:

  • North Lynn Street and eastbound Lee Highway
  • Lee Highway and Kirkwood
  • Lee Highway and Washington Boulevard
  • Lee Highway and Fort Meyer Drive
  • N. Glebe Road and Fairfax Drive

View the VDOT guidelines for installing scameras. (PDF)


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