Virginia Beach Begins Installing Deadly Red Light Cameras

Virginia Beach pic by Jason Pratt

In the race between Arlington and Fairfax City to be the first to slap the public with tickets from deadly red light cameras, it appears that Virginia Beach has emerged victorious. Australia’s Redflex Traffic Systems once again has won the contract to take pictures, determine who’s guilty, mail citations and collect the revenue. Virginia Beach has won the right to keep a slice of the profit. WVEC-TV has the scoop:

Construction and wiring is underway at Kempsville and Indian River Roads and will begin soon at Independence and Virginia Beach boulevards.  Work is expected to take about a week, so there could be some delays for drivers using those areas. The cameras’ initial operation is expected to take place in mid-March and will begin with a 30-day warning period for each intersection as the cameras become operational.

What’s strange is that VDOT had previously rejected Virginia Beach’s scamera application. Right now, the VDOT website does not acknowledge the new scamera sites as approved. So it appears the weak-willed bureaucrats at VDOT don’t have the spine to say no to a program that significantly increased accidents the last time around.

Let VDOT know what you think by emailing or calling:

Michael O. Clements

Phone: (804) 786-9609

Fax: (804) 225-3761



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