Washington, DC Declares War on Drivers

D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty

D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty

Faced with a massive budget deficit, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty is dialing American Traffic Solutions (ATS) for help. Need cash? ATS will set up a massive ticketing operation that can be adjusted to fit the needs of any big-spending bureaucrat. In Fenty’s case, the motorist pain threshold will be set to maximum. Check out what he’s proposing:

  • Mobile red light cameras to create deadly traps for drivers just like in New Carrollton, MD. These portable scameras can be set up anywhere, meaning drivers won’t be able to avoid dangerous red light camera intersections any more. This will cause surprise, panic stops and more rear-end collisions.
  • Turn red light cameras into speed cameras. This gives a speeding ticket to a driver who needs to accelerate to make it through Fenty’s intersections that have been set with dangerously short yellow times. The District has had “speed on green” in its enforcement contract for several years, but now is the time to cash in.
  • Speed cameras in every tunnel using laser instead of radar.
  • Gridlock enforcement” which means drivers will get a photo ticket if they are trapped in an intersection during heavy traffic.
  • Overweight vehicle tickets. A new ATS scamera will guess your weight as you drive past. If the machine thinks your vehicle is too heavy, you get a ticket in the mail. In other words, don’t have that extra donut before driving to work.
  • Insurance tickets. According to Fenty’s budget proposal, “Other new initiatives include… making use of real-time access to insurance.” That means you’ll get a hefty scamera ticket if the D.C. insurance database thinks you’re late on your insurance payment. D.C. isn’t exactly well known for the accuracy of its computerized information services. But don’t worry, you’re guilty until proven innocent with scamera tickets. Just pay and everything will be ok.

See page 97 of the Budget Executive Summary (large PDF).

Combine the above with D.C.’s plan to use federal “stimulus” dollars to take away lanes of traffic from automobiles so the city can run a money-wasting trolley boondoggle, and it’s clear that D.C. has declared war on the motorist.

If you’re willing to join us in fighting back, let us know.


5 Responses to Washington, DC Declares War on Drivers

  1. GPS Angel says:

    This is a very slippery slope – the lure of easy money from these cameras will be heard to resist.

  2. Doc says:

    They’re UNCONSTITUTIONAL! See cameraFRAUD main site…

  3. […] on the verge of enacting a law putting speed cameras on every freeway, with D.C. declaring automated war on drivers and with Virginia cities scrambling to reinstall deadly red light cameras, the National Capital […]

  4. Doc says:

    How about this…seriously. Re-Elect NO-ONE! That’s right. In th’ next voting cycle in your area vote out ALL the incumbants on th’ ballot. Including the ones that SAY they’ll “change their ways…”;”keep their promises…”;”Look out for your rights…”;”uphold the law…”;”take better fiscal responsibility…”;etc., on & on & on…AND, you can let th’ ones currently in office who either A)Lie to you & tell you photo radar is for safety…or B)Just straight up to your face tell you that they are broke & need th’ $$$$. That’s what Janet Napalitano did in Arizona. HOWEVER, remember this;Fiscal irresponsibility on the part of YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS, DOESN’T CONSTITUTE A FISCAL ON THE PART OF THE VOTERS!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott, Az.

  5. Ozpxkqfw says:

    3te635 comment6 ,

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