Deadly Red Light Cameras Issue Tickets in Virginia Beach

Karen Finley wants your cash

Karen Finley wants your cash

After a scathing reports by the Virginia Department of Transportation documented that red light cameras caused an increase in the number of accidents and injuries, the deadly devices have returned to roads in the Commonwealth. Virginia Beach this week became the first city to resume issuing $50 citations.

At the moment, two intersection cameras are generating tickets with a third expected at the end of the month. The first phase of the “open-ended” contract between Virginia Beach and Redflex anticipates ticketing at ten intersections. The partnership between the city and the Australians eventually will expand to allow 43 automated ticketing machines to  generate revenue — the maximum allowed by state law.

How did this happen when the evidence shows that the program was a colossal safety failure? Redflex Board Member Karen Finley answered the question in an October press release to the Australian Securities Exchange. (press release PDF)

“As the true pioneer of the photo enforcement industry, Redflex has been an active leader in legislative initiatives in more than half of the 21 states in which it operates,” Finley said. “To ensure the industry’s successful propagation, Redflex has made a strategic investment in a team of legislative experts with a keen knowledge of working the delicate, formal, legislative processes and grass root efforts. When the original 1995 Virginia photo enforcement legislation was not renewed, we implemented a focused legislative effort: two-years later, these efforts were successfully received by the Virginia General Assembly as referenced by the state-wide enablement of photo enforcement programs.”

In other words, it used high-priced lobbyists to buy the votes of legislators willing to sell out the safety of their constituents. “Strategic investments” means cash in the pockets of lawmakers. “Grass roots efforts” mean setting up phony corporate front groups like the Campaign to Stop Red Light Running that gullible media use as a source of “victims” of red light running in their stories. The campaign’s paid drama queens talk up the horror of  red light running as if a red light camera would have prevented a single death or accident.

Instead, Redflex cameras just take photographs of these tragedies while creating hundreds of new accidents, injuries and tragedies nationwide — as seen in the national studies that were not paid for by the camera industry’s legislative experts.


4 Responses to Deadly Red Light Cameras Issue Tickets in Virginia Beach

  1. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    cf has yet to prove one case.. just one case of state legislators accepting money for their vote..yet the accusations fly!! innuendo is all it is and if i were redflex i would be looking into a libel-slander suit againt CF!!! lobbyists are used by many many companies to speak on their behalf and represent them before state legislators and congress…. nothing new there and nothing illegal!!

  2. Bill Conley says:

    Did ya give up in Arizona Mr. Bidingcitizen…
    I guess everyone threw you out because of or abuse you had to start harassing the east cost.

    Just an FYI, great people of Maryland….don’t put to much interest in what this guy has to say…he’s a moth piece for someone..

  3. James Sykes says:

    Red light cameras causing accidents is a load of crap. People trying to run the light and then slamming on their brakes when they don’t make it cause accidents. We as a country have gotten away from personal responsibility. Must we always balme the inanimate object???

  4. Dwarn says:

    Um…. YES!!! The manufacturers of the inanimate object are, in fact, at fault! And further, red light cameras are unconstitutional, as it is impossible to cross-examine a camera, and the citation is issued from a private corporation, usually in a different state! This is mass highway robbery. Wake up America and stop being so sheeplike. I personally do not know how people tolerate these things. I don’t know why they haven’t been spontaneously destroyed or incapacitated in large numbers by now.

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