Deadly Red Light Cameras Rejected in Winchester, VA

January 29, 2009

The Frederick County, Virginia Board of Supervisors said “no” to deadly red light cameras last night. The potential for icy roads kept several of us from making the 90 mile trip to speak, but the Northern Virginia Daily reported that the measure was narrowly defeated:

The proposal elicited mixed reaction from supervisors. Gene E. Fisher said he had researched the issue.

“The statistics I have seen show that this decreases accidents,” he said.

But Supervisor Gary A. Lofton said crash statistics he obtained from the Sheriff’s Office indicated there were few accidents caused by motorists running red lights in the county.

Installing cameras would be a “Draconian fix,” he said. Getting caught by the camera would have cost a motorist $50.

Of course, the only statistics Mr. Fisher bothered to look at were the ones in the sales packet provided by whichever red light camera company happened to drop¬† by his office. No surprise that this “research” did include the comprehensive 2007 Virginia Department of Transportation study that documented the results at red light camera intersections across the Commonwealth:

  • Rear end accidents increased 42%
  • Angle accidents increased 20%
  • Injury accidents increased 18%
  • The total number of accidents increased 29%

Get a copy of the study


Winchester, VA Eyes Deadly Red Light Cameras

January 16, 2009

A slim majority on the Frederick County Board of Supervisors wants to bring deadly — but profitable — red light cameras to to the county, which mostly means the city of Winchester, Virginia. Because the proposal only passed by a 4-3 vote, it only will take one changed mind to stop the spread of the red light scam. Do your part to stop this madness:

What: Attend Frederick County, Virginia Board of Supervisors Meeting
When: January 28, 2009 at 7:15pm
Where: 107 North Kent Street, Winchester
Directions:  Here

Scamera agenda document from December

It’s a straight shot on Route 7 all the way to Winchester with little traffic once you get away from the DC suburbs. Just watch out for the speed traps.

On our side: Gary Lofton, Richard C. Shickle Sr. (chairman), Gary Dove.